Avoid Deceptive Automobile Advertising!

In an age of supposed transparency, it feels like automobile advertising, on a dealer level, is getting worse, not better. Especially preowned advs on dealers websites, as well as third party sources like Cars.com, Autotrader.com, Cargurus.com, and Carfax.com. There are so many vehicles listed with (this price includes a down payment of such and such). What? Since when does a customers down payment have ANYTHING to do with the sales price? There is ZERO correlation between a sales price, and what a customer puts down on their loan. But, it is a way that many dealers use to SHOW A LOWER PRICE online. But, in reality, you need to add back the down payment, to the price you see. Purely deceptive! Another deception is a price that is listed , that you can only get if you FINANCE with the dealer. So, if you use your own bank or pay cash, the price magically changes? Deceptive! Once again showing a cheaper price online, to bait in customers, that believe they are getting a great deal. Lastly, the REDICULOUS USED CAR PREP FEE. So, let me get this right. You need to pay EXTRA to get the vehicle prepped? This is ridiculous! Simply stated, these are all tactics to show a lower price online, than the actual transaction price. Deception!

What is so surprising is customers today are really well informed. Yet, still allow many dealers to do business this way, by patronizing them. It is so hard to comprehend.

Another rouse is advertising a tier 1 lease. Which is fine. But, when SOME DEALERS write EVERYONE on that tier 1 lease. Even customers that don’t have tier 1 credit. So, what happens is the dealer writes a tier 1 lease deal with a customer that doesn’t have tier 1 credit. Then, they meet the finance manager before they pick up the car. They are then informed that their credit doesn’t qualify, and they need to make a higher payment. Deception!

Any car buying questions that are out there. And this includes NOT BUYING from Smith Haven. Hit me up, for any council I can offer. It would be my pleasure. Stay safe!