Beware Of Pre-Owned Car Over Charges!

Many dealers are charging extra fees to the customer that are over and above the “so called” selling price on Pre-Owned vehicles. Some example fees to look out for are as follows: Dealer Prep Fees up to $895, Transportation Fees up to $495 plus Filing Fees up to $299. These additional costs could cost the customer an additional $1,689!! Many dealers are hitting customer with one or all of these fees… Why should you pay extra for a dealer to prep your vehicle? Shouldn’t the vehicle you buy include the Prep Charges? Why should the customer pay the dealer extra money to transport vehicles from auctions or there storage lots? The Department of Motor vehicles allows car dealers to charge a $75 DOC fee to process a customers DMV paperwork. Nothing more… Certainly no Filing Fees! I have even seen some dealers charging destination fees on new cars! The destination fee is clearly marked on the sticker price of the car! Why pay twice?

Look over your paperwork very carefully… Most of the time these fees are not clear and conspicuous. They are listed at the bottom of the buyers order and most consumers only look at the top part of the buyers order where the price is posted. So, customers are unwittingly paying more without realizing it, these fees just get blended into their financing and the dealership profits from it.

At Smith Haven Auto Group, customers simply take the agreed on price and add Tax and DOC fees and then they are driving their New or Pre-Owned vehicle! No BS here!