So happy to see there are three quality vaccines out there, and people are getting vaccinated. Death rates are dropping, and while this horrible virus is still a huge threat, I think we can all see that in the not so distant future a sense of normality is coming. Stay vigilant until then and look forward to better days ahead.

February was such a tough snowy month. I think we all beat up our cars. Thank goodness most of us have four wheel drives nowadays. One of the few negatives, is a little more attention needs to given to upkeep. Four wheel drive vehicles simply have more moving parts. And I don’t know about you, but I ran over three potholes in may 10 minute commute this morning. Roads have gotten pounded. Salt kills them.

Smith Haven will be very active in local charities this spring and summer. We want to support Long Island Cares, and our local military veterans. Long Island Cares does such a terrific job feeding hungry people. And let’s help out our local veterans that are hurting. Stay tuned for more information.

Don’t want to get to salesy here, but please don’t forget that we want to buy your vehicle. Even if you don’t want to buy from us. No worries. Same with your lease turn ins. We are here for you. We buy cars at all three outlets. Don’t forget about our 112 preowned outlet as well. And you get a check, right on the spot! No one does this. Bring your ID and a clean title. It’s done!

By the way, are you getting sick of all the awards Mazda is winning? I’m not. The most reliable brand, by Consumer Reports! And the CX5 is rated tops in class. This brand is exploding!!!