Absolutely… We here at Smith Haven are proud to introduce the all-new, completely re-designed 2019 Ram 1500 4×4 Pick-Up!

For 2019, Ram has doubled down on comfort, convenience, and style. But what’s impressive is Ram hasn’t traded capability for a bunch of pizzazz. Ram is now made with high-strength steels that require less metal to do the same job, clever applications of aluminum in the engine and transmission cross members, and even composite upper control arms for the front suspension all contribute. Partly as a result, max payload is up to 2,300 pounds while trailering is up to 12,750 pounds max—both competitive with Ford and Chevy offerings.

In its effort to be friendlier to truck diehards and newcomers alike, Ram has pushed its style and comfort perks on every trim level. Every Ram gets at least two interior options: one all-black and another light-colored option unique to each trim level. All models get an electronic parking brake. Every model, except the Rebel off-roader, gets passive two-mode shocks for a better ride. All of them get a flat rear floor and bigger storage bins. Every Crew Cab is stretched 4 inches for more interior space, especially in the rear. The biggest thing you will notice about the new Ram is a shockingly quiet and comfortable Cab… it even puts some cars and SUVs to shame. It doesn’t matter if you bought the lowest or highest trim level, they are equal in terms of outside noise cancellation.

The ride over rough roads is surprisingly isolated and smooth for a 5,000-plus-pound vehicle. The new 2019 Ram is as easy and pleasant to drive as a car-based crossover. The new, updated 8-speed automatic is better than ever, swapping gears and seemingly always in the right cog. It is also available with great luxury features such as: an 8.4” or 12” touch screen with UConnect, leather, metal and wood trim interior, panoramic sunroof or a 19-speaker stereo. There’s even an air suspension that makes it ride even better and levels the truck when loaded. Plus great safety options like active cruise control with lane keeping assistance, a 360-degree camera & semi-automatic parallel and perpendicular parking systems.

So whether you are a traditional truck buyer or want to replace one or more of your vehicles with a do-everything full-size truck that’ll be as comfortable and spacious as your luxury sedan or SUV, Ram has checked every box on your wish list!

Hope this helped! Come see us for great deals on this amazing, new truck!