Very Exciting News About Our CJDR Dealership!

We have very exciting news. Our CJDR dealership is embarking on Stellantis’s new Jeep Alternate image program. Don’t get thrown off. It’s for all of our Stellantis brands: Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Ram. The new showroom will be the next level of beautiful display and comfort. To show off our gourgeous vehicles, in a relaxed atmosphere. With a designated delivery area. So, when you pick up your new vehicle, there is an indoor area to go through all the operations and technology in your new car or truck. With the technology in our new vehicles today, it takes an hour to deliver a vehicle properly.

In addition, we are building an indoor service drive. Which is over and above Stellantis’s requirements. This drive will be heated, with fast doors. So, when you bring your car to us for service or repair, it will be comfortable for you and our advisor, to go through your vehicle thoroughly.

Last but not least. We are having a recruitment drive for one of the most needed vocations on Long Island, technicians. Mechanical technician is such a terrific career choice, due to the fact that there are more jobs, than there are applicants. Driving up the pay scale and benefits to the employee. And Smith Haven CJDR and Mazda has a state of the art facility. We pay for your tool boxes, training, and uniforms. Our bays are tremendously well lit, and spacious. Additionally, we have impeccable special tools. Come join our team!