Wagoneer / Grand Wagoneer

We are so excited about Stellantis’s launch of the new Wagoneer / Grand Wagoneer lineup. We haven’t sold vehicles in this space since the late 80’s. Over 30 years of not having a large platform seven passenger SUV. What a game changer to be back competing in this segment. The technology in this vehicle is truly unreal. And that isn’t hyperbole! It will simply blow you away with what this vehicle has in it. And as far as the looks, it’s so dynamic in appearance. It has that wow factor! Once again, with all of this excitement, what has always separated Jeep from the competition. Is the fact that the off road capability, towing, etc., is always tops in segment. But, the on standard roads drive, is just so car-like and smooth.

We can’t wait to meet all the new customers that will be coming in to see and purchase these new vehicles. I can’t wait!