Watch Out For Deceptive Selling Techniques From Other Dealerships

I am really angry to see the deceptive selling techniques employed by many dealerships, simply have not changed. Or even gotten worse. The biggest of which, is the bait and switch. There are cars being advertised for a price that simply isn’t being transacted anywhere close to the supposed offer. The add on fees are coming from so many angles it’s hard to keep up. On preowned cars the most typical is the prep fee. Really? A customer has to pay an additional fee, not disclosed in the selling price? You have to pay extra to get the dealership to prep the car?  Ridiculous! Another one is the advertised price is being lowered by deducting an assumed down payment on the deal. Since when does a down payment have anything to do with the price? Total deception! A price being advertised for finance only. Why should a customer have to finance with us to receive a preferred deal? Cash or credit shouldn’t matter. Precertification. What the heck does that mean? What it means is that they will charge you additional money to certify the vehicle, which they should have done to begin with.
 The other thing I am seeing on new and preowned advertising is the price that’s advertised. Then, you get to the dealership and there are extra charges on the vehicle, such as warranties, accessories, etc, that were not disclosed in the adv. And the price that dealer is asking is higher due to those extras that were not disclosed.  This is all deception.
 The only thing that should be added to any price is a state regulated documentation fee and the appropriate tax that needs to be collected by the dealer. That’s it! Anything more is unacceptable. This madness has to stop.