What is the 5 Star Saving Plan and how does it benefit your customers?

The 5 Star Savin’ Plan is a retention tool that allows the customer to service their vehicle in our dealerships with many savings benefits. It starts with 2 Complimentary Oil Changes, which save our customers upwards of $75-$100. The plan also includes Lifetime Free NY State Inspections which are so critical to having a safe and legal vehicle to drive. As a courtesy, we also provide over 60 loaner vehicles from our dealerships, so customers can continue to have transportation while their vehicles are in our service department. Plus, we offer no charge shuttle service while your car is being worked on. We also provide a Service Rewards card that gives customers up to 2.5% back towards any future service including all warranty work as well. So, if your vehicle has a major repair that is covered under the manufacturers warranty, it will count towards your Rewards Points. Another example… A new transmission costs upwards of $5,000, this would earn our customer $125 in rewards money to use towards any future service, repair, or accessory. Our service departments have comfortable, relaxing waiting areas where customers receive complimentary coffee, water, snacks, TV and Wi-Fi as well as free charging stations for wireless devices. We even provide complimentary use of desktop computers and tablets. This way you can be productive and entertained while you wait for your vehicle. All of this and more comes complete at zero cost to the customer, as part of the 5 Start Savin’ Plan and is available on any new or pre-owned vehicle we have in stock!